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South-Western and South-Central hydrological regions constitute South-Western Region of BWDB which covers about 27% area of Bangladesh. The area is bounded by Indian border in the West, Bay of Bengal in the South, River Padma in the North and River Meghna in the East. About 10% area of South-Western region belongs to Sundarban Mangrove, beel & marshy land covers about 13% area, and remaining 77% area contains agricultural land and homestead. South Western Region of the country was studied in 1995 as one of the five regional studies in the name of FAP-4. PPTA of ‘Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management Project’ was completed under technical assistanc of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Recommendation of FAP findings are: a. formation of beneficiaries’ organization, water management group (WMG) & water management association (WMA), b. ensure beneficiaries participation in integrated water resources planning & management for availability of water round the year, c. handover of infrastructures to WMA for sustainable O&M of the project.   

Considering the above recommendations and establishing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), ADB financed the project “ Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management Project” in 100,000 ha area of Mid-South-West region of Bangladesh. Under the project, rehabilitation work for two Sub-Project “Chenchuri Beel Sub-Project” and “Narail Sub-Project” of area 40,000 ha was under-taken in Narail and Jessore district (part of Abhoynagar Upazila) and that has been completed. Activities were incorporated in the project to select additional area through performing feasibility study of existing Sub-Projects of the region.

The beneficiaries have accepted the concept of the implemented project. Project benefits have contributed considerably to develop their livelihood. The project’s achievements have been admired by development partners, ADB and The Netherlands Govermment, and various agencies of Government of Bangladesh to contribute in socio-economic development of the country. The new project “Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management Project-2nd Phase” has been taken up to introduce the concept of the completed project in the broader spectrum in an area of 83,996 hectares of Mid-SouthWest area of the country.

The project has been approved by ECNEC on 25-08-2015. It will be implemented in 14 Upazillas of Faridpur, Rajbari, Magura, Narail and Gopalgonj District of South-West area of the country.

Project  Financing:    

ADB financed a loan worth US$ 45.0 million and The Netherlands Government provided a grant worth US$ 7.0 million in this Project.Grantfrom Government Bangladesh US $ 10.0 million.

DPP Cost(Taka in Lakh)    

Total  Cost  : Tk. 48,210.00 Lakh

[ GOB :  7858.13    PA : 40,351.87   RPA : 35,520.28 ]

Poject  Implementation Period: 

Commencement : July 2015
Completion : June 2022


Project aim and  objectives    

The main objectives of the project are: (a) to introduce Participatory Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management plan in the hydrological units, (b) formation of WMG & WMA to ensure beneficiaries’ participation in rehabilitation work and making the organizations efficient through regular training, (c) increase active particapation of beneficiaries for Integrated Water Resources Management and increase livelihood development through income generating activities, and (d) ensuring project benefits transferring project management to beneficiaries organizations (WMO) for sustainable operation & maintenance.

Project Admistration :    

Sponsoring Ministry  :  Ministry of Water Resources
Executing Agency  :  Bangladesh Water Development Board (Lead Agency)
Department of Agricultural Extension
Department of Fisheries.
Development Partners  :  Asian Development Bank
The Netherlands Goverment
Government of Bangladesh

Location of the Project    

It will be implemented in 14 Upazillas of Faridpur, Rajbari, Magura, Narail and Gopalgonj District of South-West area of the country. The project covers rehabilitation of  9 Sub-projects of  BWDB commanding an area of  83,996 hectares. The locations of the project are shown below in detail:


Name of Sub-project




1. Beel Sakunia Faridpur Faridpur Sadar Faridpur Pourasava, Garda, Koijuri, Kanaipur
NagarKanda Talma
Saltha Gatty, Atghar
2. Daduria Beel Faridpur Boalmari Chatul, Shekhor, Boalmari Pourasava
3. Kandor Beel Faridpur Boalmari Boalmari Pourasava, Chatul
4. Alfadanga-Boalmari Faridpur Alfadanga Pachuria, Bana, Bobik, Gopalpur, Alfadanga, Tagarbanda
Boalmari Gunaba
5. Chatler-Fakurhat Faridpur Sadarpur Krishnapur, Vashanchar, Sadarpur, Daukhali
Vangha Nurulganj, Kaulibera, Tujapur, Chandra, Gharua, Nasirabad, Manikdaha, Hamirdi, Vangha Pourasava
6. Kalidashkali-Arpara Magura Salikha Talkhari, Daneswerghati, Arpara, Satokhali, Salikha, Bunagati
7. Horai River Rajbari Rajbari Sadar Khangonj, Chandoni, Mizanpur, Banibaha, Alipur, Mulghar, Bashantapur, Ramkantapur
Baliakandi Jamalpur, Baharpur, Islampur, Madyapur
Cowkhali Batondia
8. BamonKhali-Barnali Narail Narail Sadar Harakhali, Maizpara, Sahabad
Magura Magura Sadar Birailpalito, Kuchiamara, Gopalgram, Gagdal, Satrujitpur, Chawlia
Salikha Gangarampur, Bunagati, Arpara
9. Purulia Char Bhatpara Gopalgonj Kashiani Batoil

 Sub-project wise Command area and WMO formation    

In the present project period,  an Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP) of Arol Beel and Sonamukhi-Mandar sub-project of Jessor district will be prepared along withthe implementation of 9 sub-projects. In addition, a Feasibility Study in Tungipara and Kotalipara areas of Gopalgonj district will also be conducted to solve the drainage problem of the areas as co-activity of the project. For effective people’s participation in the project activities and sharing the O&M responsibility, 150 WMGs and 22 WMAs will be formed in 9 sub-projects.Project wise command area, formation of WMO and aforesaid co-activities are shown below in the table


Sl.    no.

Name    of Sub-projects

Gross    area


No.    of WMA

No.    of WMG
































Horai River














Total    :





ArolBeel Jessor

Preparation IWMP only


Sonamukhi-Banmandar Jessor


Tungipara Area Gopalgonj Conducting Feasibility Study for resolving drainage  problem.


Katakhalipara Area Gopalgonj

Civil Works:    

Embankment resectioning : 72.80 km.
Embankment construction : 5.0 km.
Khal Re-excavation : 344.50 km.
Rehabilitation/Repair of Regulators : 43 nos.
Construction of Regulators : 5 nos.
Foot Bridge : 13 nos
Irrigation Inlet and Outlet Structures : 22 nos.
Repair of Irrigation Inlet and Outlet Structures : 71 nos.
Check and other infrastructures: : 8 nos.
River Bank Protection Work : 1.04 km.
WMG Training Centre : 78 nos.
Arsenic free DeepTube Well for Safe Drinking Water : 78 nos.
Bituminus carpating road : 20.0 km.
PMO building (Faridpur) : 1 nos.
Inspecion Bunglow (IB) (Jessore) : 1 nos.


Participatory  Developmet:

 Project will provide implementation support for the formation and capacity development of WMOs (22 WMAs and over 200WMGs) in nine subproject areas. One Joint Management Committees (JMC) will be formed in each subproject.Experiential capacity building of WMOs will be provided for agriculture, fisheries, and livelihood as well as sustainable O&M. Focus will be on WMO-managed Collective Actionin integrated planning, O&M and input-output services for agriculture, fishery and other income-generating activities. Participatory  integrated water management will be implemented in nine Sub-Projects through 22  nos. Sub-unit Implementation Plans (SIPs). Each respective Sub-unit area is  assigned a single WMA to prepare plan, develop, operate & maintain.  

 Liimited  follow up support will be provided to the existing WMOs in two subproject  areas, Narail and Chenchuri Beel. 

 BWDB  will register all WMGs& WMAs of the project as per “Participatory Water  Management Rule-2014” of the Government of Bangladesh.

 Prospective  Impacts on Project Implementation:

 After implementation of the project 4.70 lakh beneficiary of 14 Upazilla of 5 District in South-Western region of the country would be protected from flood and drainage congestion problem. Besides, Sustainable integrated water management will be established through direct participation of stakeholders in Planning, Implementation, and Post Implementation of the project. It will contribute to a greater extend in the field of agriculture, fisheries and livelihood improvement of the region.

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