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South-Western and South-Central hydrological regions constitute South-Western Region of BWDB which covers about 27% area of Bangladesh. The area is bounded by Indian border in the West, Bay of Bengal in the South, River Padma in the North and River Meghna in the East. About 10% area of South-Western region belongs to Sundarban Mangrove, beel & marshy land covers about 13% area, and remaining 77% area contains agricultural land and homestead. South Western Region of the country was studied in 1995 as one of the five regional studies in the name of FAP-4. PPTA of ‘Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management Project' was completed under technical assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Recommendations of FAP findings are: a. formation of beneficiaries' organization, water management group (WMG) & water management association (WMA), b. ensures beneficiaries participation in integrated water resources planning & management for availability of water round the year, c. handover of infrastructures to WMA for sustainable O&M of the project.

In view of implementing FAP-4 study findings, a total area of about 100,000 ha, 2(two) Sub-projects, Chenchuri Beel Subproject (CBSP) & Narail Subproject (NSP) were appraised in PPTA financed by ADB and are being implemented under the project covering an area of about 57,000 ha. Feasibility study has been done for 7(seven) subprojects to undertake for implementation in future for balance area of 43,000 ha. In addition, rehabilitation of 4(four) polders under Khulna & Satkhira districts were taken for rehabilitation of Cyclone AILA damaged BWDB infrastructures in 2009.


The objective of the project is to enhance economic growth and to reduce poverty of the stakeholders through the rehabilitation of damaged infra-structures within the hydrological boundaries under the project.

Overall objective of the project is to handover the management of implemented Sub-Unit Areas to its stakeholders for sustainable operation and maintenance (O&M) of the project.

Project Location  

Division District Upazila
Khulna Narail Narail sadar, Lohagora & Kalia
Jessore Avoynagar
Khulna Dakop [Polder No. 31 & 32]
Satkhira Kaliganj, Shyamnagar [Polder No. 5 & 15]

Project  Administer

Sponsoring Ministry : Ministry of Water Resources
Executing Agency : Bangladesh Water Dev. Board (Lead Agency)
    Directorate of Agriculture Extension
    Directorate of Fisheries &
    Local Govt. Engineering Department
Development Partners : Asian Development Bank [Loan No. 2200 BAN (SF)]
           The Netherlands Government [Grant No. 0036]
           Government of Bangladesh


Project  Financing

Name of Develooment    Partners
Asian Development Bank
US $ 20.0 million (Loan)
Government of the Netherlands
US $ 10.50 million (Grant)
Government of Bangladesh
US $ 10.90 million (Grant)


DPP Cost  (Revised)

Total DPP Cost
  Taka 30503.50 lac

[PA: Taka 24721.05 lac, RPA: Taka 20628.89 lac & GoB: Taka 5782.45 lac]

 Project  Implementation Period

Commencement April 2006
Completion (Revised) June 2015

Status of  Project Components

a. Civil works:

Embankment construction/re-sectioning: 30.20km, Khal Re-excavation: 257.30 km,Rehabilitation/Repair of Regulators: 15 nos., Construction of Regulators: 5 nos., FootBridge: 37 nos., Inlet and Outlet Structures: 13 nos. River Bank Protection Work: 3.100 kin,. WMA/WMG Training Centre: 32 nos., Arsenic Free Deep Tube Well for Safe Drinking Water: 122 nos., Rehabilitation of Irrigation Scheme: 2 nos, Upgrading of RuralRoad: 17.48 km & Aila-2009 Damaged Rehabilitation Works for Polder 5, 15, 31 & 32;


b. Participatory  Planning and WMO Formation:

Formation of Sub-Unit Implementation Plan (SIP): 14, WMG: 102 nos., WMA: 14 nos.& Joint Management Committee, JMC: 2 nos.

All WMGs are registered by the Department of Co-operative (DoC).

c. Management  Transfer of SIP for O&M:

Total no. of SIP: 14, Handed over to WMA (upto June'14): 13

Evaluation by IMED

1. Project area is protected against flood & drainage congestion problems have been improved due to re-excavation of khal;
2. Agriculture production increased roughly twice & annual incremental fishproduction is roughly 2900 MT due to project            intervention, increased cost is about BDT 229.00 Crores & BDT 29.00 Crores respectively for agriculture & fish production;
3. WMAs have taken over the management responsibility of Sub-Unit Implemented areas for sustainable O&M;
4. WMGs are involved with income generating activities (IGA) to facilitate O&M activities & to enhance their livelihood;
5. Utilization of river water will be increased for irrigation through operation of Regulators; use of groundwater will be reduced.

Impact of  Project Implementation

1. 120,000 ha of land in Narail, Jesssore, Khulna & Satkhira District would be protected from flood; drainage congestion problems would also be solved;
2. Agriculture & fish production would be increased compared to pre-project condition due to project interventions of better technology, good seed etc. ;  
3. Construction of pucca road over flood control embankment and foot bridges over canal will improve communication system in the project area;
4. Installation of arsenic free DTW will facilitate supply of palatable drinking water
5. Utilization of river water will be increased for irrigation through operation of Regulators; use of groundwater will be reduced.

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