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Union Level Consultation Workshop on Formation of WMO (WMG &WMA) at Gerda UP

Place: Conference Room, Gerda UP

Upazila: SadarUpazila

District: Faridpur

Total Participant: 61 (Male-53, Female-8)

Date: 22/11/2017

Open discussion session

After the presentation, an open discussion session was conducted to know problems on fisheries, agriculture, water logging and civil work etc. This session was mainly conducted by the respective experts. Enlisted the following problems on fisheries, agriculture and infrastructure, which will be included in SIP report to address it.

Issue discussed:

a. Agriculture

Water logging problem; only one crop cultivate in round the year; No Farmer Field School (FFS); Lack of balance fertilizer; Lack of good quality seeds and lack of agricultural training etc.

b. Fisheries

Lack of good quality fish feed; need to soft credit support for the fish farmers; lack of technical knowledge on fish farming; lack of good quality fish fry/fingerlings and need to improve training on fish farming.

c. Civil work

Need to excavation of Tulagramkhal (2.30 km), Howikhali/Taltolakhal (5.30 km), BeelNaliarkhal (2.15 km) and Mridhadangikhal (6.10 km).

Closing of Workshop

Mr. Zahidur Rahman Zahid, expressed his opinion that before that we are not aware about this project. Now we are clear and understand. BWDB will not do the civil work only but they work in agriculture, fisheries & livelihood development. So that this project can improve our life style as well as increase agricultural and fisheries production. He agreed to support to all kind of cooperation will be given to the project. Then he formed a 13 members of “Foundation Committee” with 3 female members by participatory ways, and declared the name of the committee members one by one simultaneously. He also gave thanks to BWDB officials to arrange such types of workshop in union level. And he ended the workshop with vote of thanks.

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