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Union Level Consultation Workshop on Formation of WMO (WMG & WMA) at Chatul UP

Place: Conference Room, Chatul UP

Upazila: Boalmari

District: Faridpur

Total Participant: 62 (Male-58, Female-4)

Date: 27/11/2017


Maintain the previous day workshop procedure. Workshop was held at the Union Parishad of Chatul which is situated within the sub unit area. After that mid-level WMO Specialist welcomed the respective chairman, members, stakeholders and elite person for day long Union level workshop and he requested to chairman to inaugural the workshop. In the beginning of the session the Holly Quran and Geeta were cited and after that Participants introduced himself with their name, address and occupation.

Inaugural session

Sharif Md. Selimuzzaman Litu, Chairman of Chatul UP, Boalmari, Faridpur who gave thanks to all attended participants in this workshop. 15-20 year before water logging problem was not there but now a days it’s a main problem to produce agricultural crop timely. Now, BWDB came to our areas to work/give something so that it has a scope to take this opportunity. The project team discussed with me that they will work on prepare/repair sluicegate/regulator, excavation of khal, construction of embankment based on DaduriaKandorbeel areas, As a result, agricultural production will be increased. He wished to success of the project and then inaugurated the workshop by clapping of hands. After that the Holly Quaran and Geeta were cited in the beginning of the session and participants introduced himself one by one with including their name, address and occupation.

Welcome speech

Md. Abdur Razzak, Assistant chief of SAIWRPMP-AF, BWDB, Faridpur who address the BWDB activities in a nutshell. Now BWDB do the works only civil work but they also do work on the multidimensional development works like- increase agriculture & fisheries production, development of Scio-economical works, livelihood development, women empowerment and nutritional activities etc. He has given special thanks to community peoples of Chatul Union for attending the meeting. He said BWDB doing work on water Resources Management by using the procedure of people’s participation. He has explained the main objectives of the SAIWRPMP-AF in the Southwest region of Bangladesh. He discussed the needs of WMGs & WMAs formation by the peoples participation because without participation; WMGs will not well functioning. By this project, drainage systems will be developed in your areas. Today we will form a “Foundation Committee”. Honorable UP chairman will declare the committee members name. Then steps by steps we will form a water Management Group (WMG). He has very grateful to the attended participants to attend this workshop timely. He said thanks to all again.

Project description through Power Point Presentation (PPP)

MD. Hafizur Rahman, Deputy Chief Extension Officer, SAIWRPMP-AF, BWDB Faridpur presented the whole WMO (WMG & WMA) formation processes one by one through PPP. He presented the slides of the previous day workshop. His presentation made a lively discussion. No doubt, participants enjoyed the session as well as they gave more emphasis and attention. At the end of the session, some participants arisen the question about activities of the project and what kind of support expect from the participants. He shared information about it and informed them, every things will be shared with you one by one in time.

Open discussion session

After the presentation, an open discussion session was conducted to know problems on fisheries, agriculture, water logging and civil work etc. This session was mainly conducted bythe respective experts.Enlisted the following problems on fisheries, agriculture and infrastructure, which will be included in SIP report to address it.

Discussed issues on

a. Agriculture

Lack of agriculture cultivation training; no knowledge to use balanced fertilizer; not available good quality seeds; irrigation problem and less quality pesticides.

b. Fisheries

No knowledge to repair pond dyke; slow fish growth; lack of the training on fish farming; need to financial support for fish farming; no knowledge to use fish feed ingredients; no knowledge of improve fish farming and fish died due to disease or water quality deterioration.

Closing of Workshop

Sharif Md. SelimuzzamanLitu, Chairman of Chatul UP, Boalmari, Faridpur who gave a special thanks to all attended participants basically BWDB officials, UP members, elite persons those who spent their valuable time for this workshop. He agreed to all kind of cooperation will be given for the project. Then he formed 13 members of “Foundation Committee” with 3 female members by participatory ways and declared the name of the committee members one by one. Lastly he closed the workshop with clapping of hands.

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