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Union Level Consultation Workshop about Formation of WMO (WMG & WMA) at Talma UP

Place: Conference Room, Talma UP

Upazila: Nagarkanda

District: Faridpur

Total Participant: 61 (Male-52, Female-9)

Date: 06/12/2017


At the beginning of the session,all participants registered their name and filled-up the registration book and format by individual participants. CFs and SFs helped the participants to do it. Workshop was held at the Talma union parisad which is situated within the sub unit area. After that mid-level WMO specialist welcomed the participants for day long Union level consultation workshop and requested the chairman to inaugural the workshop.

Inaugural session

After the registration, mid-level WMO specialist welcomed the participants for day long Union level workshop and he requested to the Chairman for inaugural the session.On behalf of the respective UP Chairman (Md. Abu Shahid Mia, Chairman-Talma UP), Mrs. Beauty Begum, women UP member of 1, 2 & 3 no word (Panel Chairman), Talma UP, Nagarkanda, Faridpur who thanks to all the attended participants for their presence in time. She wishes to success of this project and inaugurated this workshop with clapping of hands.After that the Holly Quaran and Geeta were cited in the beginning of the session by participants.Then the attended participants introduced themselves one by one with their names, address and occupation.

Welcome speech

Md. Maksudur Rahman, Mid-level WMO Specialist, ISPMC, SAIWRPMP-AF, Faridpur who said that it is a continuation of SW project 1st phase of BWDB. This project is started in your areas as behind the success of Southwest 1st phase project in Narail district. This project will work to establish or repairing some civil works like canal/khal excavation/re-excavation, sluicegate, regulator establishing/repair, construction of embankment etc. because of recovery of water logging crisis. So that we will work infrastructural development, improve socio-economic status, increase agriculture, fisheries, and also livelihood development as well. These works will be implement by the maintaining “Participatory Water Management Rules-2014. In this workshop, Mr. Kamal Hossain, respected members of Zilap arisad, Faridpur who were also present in this workshop and delivered his valuable speech on behalf of his father, Chairman of Talma UP. He thanks to all participants to attended this workshop though his father is sick. He said,we are all grateful to the project team to organize such types of activities. As a member of Zila Parisad, I would like to say that any kind of cooperation from our part will be given to you all times. He hoped, a tremendous development will be achieved by taking this project in this area.

Project description through Power Point Presentation (PPP)

Md. Hafizur Rahman, Deputy Chief Extension Officer, SAIWRPMP-AF, BWDB, Faridpur presented the WMO (WMG & WMA) formation & development processes one by one through PPP. He presented the previous day slides of the workshop. Participants enjoyed the session. He also present the Beel Sukunia related information like area, WMG number, khals and inundation area etc. At the end of the session, some participants shared their experience and he answered properly.

Open discussion session

After the presentation, an open discussion session was conducted to know the problems on fisheries, agriculture, water logging and civil work etc. This session was mainly conducted through the respective experts.Attended participants informed the following problems on fisheries, agriculture and infrastructure which were enlisted to address in SIP report.

Issues on

a. Agriculture

Lack of good quality seeds & fertilizer; Lack of irrigation water in proper time; Crop affected by stembourer; Lack of soil testing facilities and Shortage knowledge of insecticides.

b. Fisheries

Lack of fish farming training; High prices of fish feeds, Unplanned stocking of fish fry/fingerlings and lack of knowledge of fish farming.

C. Civil work

Water logging problems; Problems of water release; need sluicegate near Hakimunshibari; Khal and solve water logging problems

Closing the workshop

Mrs.Beauty Begum gave a special thanks to all attended participants for attending this workshop in time. She agreed to all kind of cooperation will be given to the project. Then she formed 13 members of “Foundation Committee” with 3 female members by participatory ways and declared the name of the committee members simultaneously.Finally she closed the workshop with clapping of hands.

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