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Union Level Consultation Workshop on Formation of WMO (WMG &WMA) at Barra Junior High School, Barra

Place: Barra Junior High School, Barra, Nurullagonj UP

Upazila: Bhanga

District: Faridpur

Total Participant: 65 (Male-55, Female-10)

Date: 13/11/2017


At the beginning of the session, all participants registered their name and filled-up the registration book and format by individual participants. CFs and SFs helped the participants to do it. Workshop was held at the Barra Junior High School, Barra, which is situated within the sub unit area.After that mid-level WMO specialist welcomed to respective chairman, members, stakeholders, elite person and participants for day long Union level workshop. Local UP Chairman inaugurated the workshop.Then the Holly Quran and Geeta were cited and after that attended participants introduced themself with their name, address and occupation.

Inaugural session

All invited guests took the seat in hall room of the school. The UP chairman, PMO officials and ISPMC consultants took the seat in dais and chairmen presided over the function. Chairman advised the attended members and elite person to share the activities properly and if possible you will give them some suggestions to include activities for the benefits of local people and he inaugural the workshop with claps of hand.

Welcome speech

Md. Kamalur Rahman Talukdar, Project Co-ordinator, ISPMC stated that in early days most of the project was prepared following "Top Down approach", people participants was totally ignored so that those project was not successful /not sustained. For this, we will follow people participation as well as "Bottom Up approach" for the project sustainability. During planning and implementation of the project activities, your (peoples) opinion would be included. Mr. Talukder also stated that a heavy flood was occurred in our country in 1954, & 1955, following this disaster, UN sent a mission known as Krugg mission, and on their recommendation a flood control plan was prepared and EP-WAPDA was established in 1959. Subsequently, BWDB have successfully implemented some related project such as Gonga-Kopotakhkho Irrigation Project, Pabna Irrigation Project, Barisal Irrigation project, Tista Irrigation Project etc. Already people have been benefited by those projects. Then he requested them to contribute their opinion in the workshop and during open discussion session.

Project description through power point presentation (PPP)

Md. Masud Karim, Principal Extension Officer, SAIWRPMP, BWDB, Faridpur, presented the WMO (WMG & WMA) formation & development processes one by one through PPP. He presented the previous day slides. Participants heard the session attentively and enjoyed the session. During session Mr. Karim cited some examples related with water management of this area. At the end of the session, some participants shared their experiences.

Open discussion session

After the PPP presentation, an open discussion session was conducted to know problems on WMG formation, fisheries, agriculture, water logging and infrastructure etc. This session was mainly conducted through the respective experts.

Discussed issues

Participants informed the following problems on fisheries, agriculture and infrastructure which was enlisted to address it in SIP report.


Single crop being cultivated round the year, Lack of improve agricultural training, Lack of good quality seeds and high yielding rice variety, less rice production and High rate of irrigation sprinkling etc.


Lack of good quality fish fry/fingerlings, 2.Water are not available during the whole year in the ponds, 3. Fish growth not satisfactory in the sub unit area, 4.fish feed is not being used, 5. Production are very low, 6.Need fish culture training, 7. Availability of predatory animal/fishes in pond and 8. Low fish price etc.

c.Civil work

Need to excavate the following khal namely Fukurhat khal, Carakhali khal, Doshazar khal, Asgormunsir khal, Rajapur khal, Nurullagonj Kanai Beel,and Choronduba khal. Respective expert informed that three main khals will be excavated during this year like 1. Fukurhat Khal, 2. Baliahati Khal and 3. Doshazar Khal

Closing session

During workshop, The Chairman gave thanks to participants for attending the workshop timely. He also thanked to the PMO officials to arrange this types of workshop in the root level. After that he announced a “Foundation Committee” of 13 members including 3 female members.Lastly he closed the workshop with vote of thanks.

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