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Union Level Consultation Workshop about Formation of WMO (WMG & WMA) at Ghaura UP

Place: Conference Room, Ghaura UP

Upazila: Bhanga

District: Faridpur

Total Participant: 64 (Male-50, Female-14)

Date: 07/ 12/2017


At the beginning of the session, all participants registered their name and filled-up the registration book and format by individual participants. CFs and SFs helped the participants to do it. Workshop was held at the Union Parishad (UP) building of Gharua which is situated within the sub unit area of Chatlar-Fakurhat subproject. After that mid-level WMO Specialist welcomed the participants for day long workshop at the Union level workshop and requested the Chairman to inaugural the workshop.

Inaugural session

At the beginning of the session, all participants registered their name and filled-up the registration book and format by individual participants. CFs and SFs helped the participants to do it. Workshop was held at the Union Parishad of Ghaura which is situated within the sub unit area of WMA-03. After that Mr.Hurmuz Ali (mid-level WMO Specialist) welcomed the participants for day long workshop on Union level consultation. In absence of UP chairman, Panel Chairman Mrs. Mohitun Nesa presided over the function. Mr. Md Mafuzur Rahman, Chief ,OCWM,BWDB attended in inaugural session as a chief guest and Mr. Masud Karim and Mr.Ayub Ali, principal extension officer also participated in the workshop. PMO high officials and respective experts of ISPMC were present in the dais and other PMO officials were also present in the workshop. Mr. Chairman inaugurated the workshop. He requested the participants to share their knowledge to improve the activities. After that The Holly Quran and Geeta were cited in workshop and then attended participants introduced themself with their name, occupation and address.

Welcome speech

Welcome speech was given by Mr. Md. Masud Karim, Principal Extension Officer, BWDB, Faridpur. He said that under this project we are going to rehabilitate some sluicegate, repair of regulators, excavation of canals etc. by maintaining the people’s participation procedures. Mr. Masud Karim informed the audience, project is funded by Bangladesh Govt, grant of Netherland Govt. and loan money from Asian Development Bank. Project is situated under 5 districts (Faridpur, Rajbari, Magura,Gopalgonj and Narail).This is integrated and participatory project. So your opinion is very important for implementation and sustainability. Today we have a plan to form a foundation committee with local govt. Institute. I am very happy that you have joined the workshop in time. Project description through Power Point Presentation (PPP) Mr. Masud Karim, Principal Extension Officer, SAIWRPMP-AF, BWDB Faridpur presented the whole WMO formation procedure one by one through PPP. He presented the slides of previous day workshop. Participants enjoyed the session. At the end of the session, few participants raised some questions for re-excavation of canal/khal and he (Karim) ensured that it will be completed within the next year. After that Principal Extension Officer (Mr. Ayub Ali), Kustia delivered the speech on peoples participation and ownership of the project. He also cited nice example for ownership and its positive side. He informed the audience about implementation procedure through the opinion of WMGs and also shared the process of sustainability of the project. Because most of the project failed to continue activities after completion of the project. So your involvement is very important in planning as well as implementation procedure. At the end, he gave a thanks the participants for joining the workshop in time.Chief Water Management, BWDB, Dhaka (Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman).Firstly he addressed the dais guests, mainly Mr. Masud Karim, Mr. Ayub Ali and to local chairman of the workshop and gave thanks to all participants for joining thisworkshop ignoring the cold weather. After that he asked the participants about the objectives of workshop. Some participants replied quickly and properly. He also added that workshop is conducted to mainly for sustainability of the project through your direct participation. During the feasibility study already we have taken your opinion and prepared the report for project formulation. Today also we have got a positive results such as you have corrected the village name and its spelling, and also informed the right location of the some areas and canals and now we think that one new village will be included in the sub unit area. Here noted that project will form a WMGs but there is no financial benefit, it is a fully volunteer service for the community/ society as well as for the project. But peoples of the project area will get much benefit like rice production will be double through introducing new HYV varieties, new technologies, establish the marketing linkage, and also project will provide a kill development training on fisheries, agriculture and livelihood. So we have started sharing from root level because local stakeholders are the key persons to develop project area as well as for sustainability of the project. In this connection, 6 subcommittee will be formed for their individual group activities. He informed the audience, WMG groups of Narail and Century area has been started the quality seed production through the direct SW project support(Dhaka & Narail) and delivered huge amount of seed in the project area and as well as promote the agriculture production. So far their information, 4 (four) core taka has been deposited in their own fund for O&M activities as well as to promote fisheries and agriculture production and for a small business. DAE and DoF are directly involved in this project for the technical support and to provide trainings to fish and agriculture farmers. In this connection, approval of MoU between BWDB and Line Department is in under process for the new SWP-AF. At the end, he gave a special thanks to chairman who gave an opportunity to arrange a workshop in auditorium of UP and also gave an appreciation to the chairman and members in the workshop.

Open discussion session

After the presentation, an open discussion session was conducted to know problems on fisheries, agriculture, participation and civil work etc. This session was mainly conducted through the respective experts. Enlisted the following problems on fisheries, agriculture, participation and infrastructure which will be included in SIP report to address it.

Issues on

a .Agriculture

Low production; lack of knowledge on the use of fertilizer; lack of good quality seeds; lack of improve varieties; no knowledge of the proper use of insecticides/pesticides; lack of agricultural knowledge; no knowledge to cultivate vegetables of women and No knowledge on nutrition etc.

b  Fisheries

Lack of fisheries training; start the community based fish culture in the sub unit area; lack of good quality fish fry/fingerlings; high feed price and no ideas of stocking density of fish fry/fingerlings etc.

C. Civil work

Water logging problems in Boknaler beel and Calarbeel, Siltation problems in Kanudar beel; Re-excavation of Noropoti doshimanar khal and Chitolbari khal; Need to borrow-pit lease to WMGs; Re-construction of embankment and lack of water management and borrow-pit captured by another peoples (muscle man) etc. Respective expert informed that the branch Khals likeKanudarKhal, NoropotriKhal, CitolbariKhal should be re-excavated. Boknalerbeel and kalarbeel are water logged area, it should be solved through your project activities.

Closing of Workshop

Mr. Sofiuddin Mollah, Chairman of Ghaura has given a special thanks to all participants basically UP members, elite persons & BWDB & ISPMC officials those who spent their valuable time in workshop. He will extend his hands for all kind of cooperation for the project. He requested BWDB high officials to include the rest part of the UP area. He is hopeful that the project will complete timely & successfully. Then he formed a “Foundation Committee” which is consists of 13 members including 3 female members and declared the name of the committee members one by one. Lastly he closed the workshop with vote of thanks.

10. Conclusion of the Union Level Consultation Workshops

Participants of all Unions of all respective Districts of the Sub Projects have given a commitment to SWAIWRP- AF that they will support the project activities from time to time whatever they (SWP-AF) needed .Now we have been informed on a lot of issues and learnt many things on project which will be helpful during implementation. Participants of the project area become enthusiastic after the workshop. They (participants) had no clear idea before the workshop but now they believe that SWP-AF will implement a lot of good basic work for the peoples. Some participants expressed their opinion, they have understand a lot of things of the BWDB activities. Most of the chairman have shown their interest for project activities and ensured the audience to their contribution in the project implementation. Most of the chairman also advised to all the members and participants to support the project to do the work properly. In this regards, high officials of PMO ensured them, project will communicate with them as project needs. Participants hoped that project will be succeed and sustain through peoples participation, and they also requested the PMO officials to keep in touch with them.

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