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Capacity Building Training on Agriculture & Fisheries for SFs, CFs, FCs and XOs in Narail

Duration of Training : 3 days ( 11-13 September, 2018)

Venue:  Conference Hall (2nd floor), Pani bhaban, BWDB, Narail


 Objectives of the training Course

The overall objectives of this training course is to enhance capacity of the field staff for playing effective role in ensuring poverty alleviation and development by means of increasing agricultural and fisheries production as well as livelihood development within the project area. The specific objectives of this 3-day training courses include the following:

               1- To equip the trainees (SFs, CFs, FCs and XOs) with necessary knowledge and skill on various

     issues pertaining to cultivation of different agricultural crops including rice;

2- To familiarize the trainees with a few high value crops including dragon fruit, summer tomato

     and strawberry as well as related technologies for commercial cultivation which has the

     potential to emerge as innovative and profitable business for the agro-farmers;

3-To equip the trainees (SFs, CFs, FCs and XOs) with necessary knowledge and skill on various

     issues pertaining to pond farming and nursery building of  different species of fish including

     tilapia, pangash, catfish, carp fishes and Golda prawn etc;

4- To familiarize the trainees with a few high value fish species like pabda, golsha, magur and

    Golda prawn as well as related technologies for commercial farming which has the potential

    to emerge as innovative and profitable business for the fish farmers;

5- To orient the trainees in their profession as extension workers so as to enable them to deliver

     products and services of the Project to the clients effectively at field/WMO level;   

Themes and Presenters 

12 broad issues broken into as many as 67 sub-topics were covered under the 3-day training in 12 broad sessions, 6 each for agriculture and fisheries while out of the total 67 sub-topics, 29 were on agriculture and 38 were on fisheries development.

On the other hand, besides in-house speakers and presenters from the ISPMC and the PMO, who are experts in their respective subjects and areas/fields, experienced and well-informed experts from district level government departments of agriculture and fisheries (DAE and DOF) were invited to share their valuable multifarious experience and updated information gathered from home and foreign tours and sources.


Course Conduction

Project Director Mr. Md. Anisul Islam played his role as the Course Coordinator while PEO Mr. Masud Karim was the Assistant Course Coordinator. On the other hand, Agricultural Extension Specialist Mr. Md Abul Hashem and Mid-level Fisheries Specialist Mr Abdul Mannan were the Course Evaluators. Their continuous efforts played role as the underlining sprit and motivation for successful implementation of the training courses at three different locations (Faridpur, Rajbari and Narail district headquarters). 


In-house presenters and Speakers

Both in-house (PMO and ISPMC) and external experts from district level DAE/DFO) were engaged in effective conduction of the training courses aimed at dissemination of updated knowledge and technology on agricultural and fisheries development in the country in general and project area in particular. A list of principal presenters is given below:

A. Experts from Project Monitoring Office  (PMO)

The following experts from Project Monitoring Office were present in the events at all the three locations as associate speakers/co-speakers/discussants: 

  • Mr. Masud Karim, PEO, PMO
  • Mr. Hafizur Rahman, DCEO, PMO
  • Mr. Amimul Ehsan, ACF, PMO
  • Mr. Abdur Razzak, ACS, PMO
  • Mr. Md. Abdul Matin, DCEO, PMO


B. Experts from ISPMC 

1. Agriculture Experts 

  • Presenter: Md. Abul Hashem, Agriculture Extension Specialist
  • Co-presenter: Gias Al-Hasan, Jr. Agriculture Specialist

2. Fisheries Experts

  • Presenter: Dr. Shamsul Huda, Fisheries Specialist
  • Co-presenter: Md. Abdul Mannan, Mid-level Fisheries Specialist

3.  External  Experts from DAE & DOF

  • Agriculture  Experts
  • KBD Chinmoy Roy, DD-DAE, Narail
  • Partha Protim Saha, DD-DAE, Magura


  • Fisheries  Experts

Md Enamul Haque, DFO, Narail

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